5 Key Factors That make Galaxy Attack: Revolution A Successful NFT Game

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3 min readJan 25, 2022

As the first game released on the ABI Galaverse platform, which is supported by the world’s leading studio, Galaxy Attack Revolution is eagerly awaited by many players for the official launch date right after IDO.

NFT is becoming a popular asset in GameFI based on its scarcity, value, and versatile uses, the sooner you join, the more benefits you have

Galaxy Attack Revolution has all the hallmarks of a successful FI game including scarcity, a large community, and support from a well-known studio.

Backed by ABI Galaverse, Galaxy Attack Revolution was ready to launch instead of waiting for a long-term route that was the game’s appeal to the GameFi community

Why is Galaxy Attack Revolution’s NFT so appealing?

Galaxy Attack Revolution was inspired by Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter — a very successful game with over 150 million downloads. The biggest difference is that GAR players can own and collect rare digital assets — NFT in the game.

Owners of this NFT asset can exchange for ABI Token from ABI Galaverse, and use it to exchange other unique digital assets on decentralized exchanges. This is the reason why NFT trading is extremely attractive.

How to evaluate the value of NFT?

The NFT world is as diverse as the actual world, to select a desirable NFT you need to have a few criteria, and NFTs at GAR are showing signs that they are valuable properties.

High-art NFT Game flexibility — Galaxy Attack Revolution promises to be a futuristic Gamefi

1 — GAR’s NFT has a variety of utilities

The NFT in GAR is unique due to Blockchain’s unfalsifiable origin verification technology; also, the NFT may improve the power of the weapons in the GAR.

The utility of the NFTs in the GAR is extremely important and scalable, for example, NFTs can be created by linking different NFTs, the value of the NFT has a chance to increase over time. time, as the community of GAR players is growing.

The allure of NFT Galaxy Attack Revolution is partly based on future expectations, as the creator upgrades the Game, making NFTs more appealing.

In addition, NFTs in the game world can be exchanged for worthy rewards in the real world.

2 — NFT in GAR is scarce

In the long run, GAR developers consider inviting famous artists to create unique NFTs and verifiable ownership.

GAR is a vibrant universe filled with a wide range of Spaceships. Imagine that the NFTs full of artistic and mysterious nuances appear on GAR, due to the law of scarcity, many players would desire to acquire these NFTs and set high trade-offs to obtain it.

NFT item exchange market is still in its early stages and has a lot of potential if you’re the FIRST to get started.

3 — Large community size

The success factor of an NFT game must refer to the community, the larger the community, the greater the interest.

GAR has a community of hundreds of thousands of members with diverse platforms such as Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Medium.

4 — Origin of Galaxy Attack Revolution

In a world where tens of thousands of NFT Game projects are launched monthly, searching for “gold” is a difficult task, but you may look at the developer of Galaxy Attack Revolution to see how potential this project is.

  • GAR is supported by the ABI Game Studio — OneSoft, ranked top 1 in tough markets, including the US.
  • GAR is the first game to be selected in the ABI Galaverse’s long-term development strategy.

5 — Player’s preferences

Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter — a model similar to GAR has reached over 150 million downloads in the global market showing how interesting Arcade games are.

The preferences of a large number of users can create huge “waves” in the NFT price and cause unpredictable multiplier prices.

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