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Speed-dating with ABI Galaverse! Below, we’ve compiled some questions you might have regarding ABI Galaverse.

Q — Currently the market is on a downtrend, will this affect the development of the project or not?

A — Our platform has been constructed with a long-term orientation. So whether the market is downtrend or uptrend does not affect ABI Galaverse. ABI Galaverse believes that our value to investors and gamers is worth it.

Q — Is ABI Galaverse suitable for less-pay or non-pay players but still want to experience your game?

A: Our ambition is to combine free-to-play and play-to-earn. Therefore, at zero cost you can experience our games. About the quality of our game, we have already proved that we achieve much success in the traditional game field.

Q — Do your team members have any experience in Blockchain?

A: Blockchain and NFT are new to everyone and we started early with this technology. Not only that, we are not going it alone, but with the assistance of prominent specialists in the Blockchain/NFT area. In reality, ABI Game Studio’s more than 130+ quality people are all backing ABI Galaverse.

Q — Based on what criteria do you choose your project partner?

A — They need to be competent in the field of Game, Blockchain / NFT, have a good reputation and we will share the orientations and results of the Project.

Q — If there are some risks (related to your game, team, budget allocation), do you have any backup?

A — ABI thoroughly examines technical concerns in order to minimize risk.

Q — There are a lot of scam projects in the market so how do you guarantee that your security systems work fine enough to secure your users’ wallets as well as their trust in TokenPlay?

A — The security aspect is always at the forefront of any IT-related project, and we adhere to building a strict security process, as well as applying advanced technical measures to protect the system

Q — As an individual user, In what ways can I contribute to the development of ABI Galaverse? Do you have Ambassador/Kol programs and how can I become one?

A — You can play games on our platform and give positive comments. Our system has great influencers that adore ABI Galaverse, and we hope that you are one of them, or that ABI Galaverse can make you a big social influencer; whatever the case may be, you are always welcome.

Q — Please share your roadmap of ABI Galaverse R and how it is progressing so far?

The roadmap is shared in detail on the homepage of the Project and we will do it before or exactly as set out to ensure that the community is always excited about the Project.

Q — What plans do you have to educate: raise awareness and apply in the community to make more people understand about ABI Galaverse and NFTs? How do get more attention from people?

A — This is a good question, which will be associated with the long route we take, users will also be able to participate in special events organized by ABI Galaverse to better understand GameFI, as well as increase their opportunities to connect, share their passion for GameFI.

Q — How can the COMMUNITY support and help in the success of ABI Galaverse?

A — The community is the key to ABI Galaverse’s success and thankfully, we are loved and growing rapidly.

How do you plan to spread awareness about your project in countries/regions where English is not spoken well like Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, and Iran, do you have local communities for them to make them better understand your project?

Many multilingual community groups have been established to share ABI Galaverse, the GameFI experience and Tokenomics are the most important elements.

Q — What is the goal of the community plan? What platform are you focused on?

A — We expect to have a community of around 1 million people on platforms like Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Reddit, and Medium

Q — What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of ABI Galaverse in the near future?

A — We are capable in many aspects and loved by the community, which has also helped us to be well received over the years. This is achievable due to the earnest efforts of game developers, who strive to create the best game to serve the community.

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ABI Galaverse

ABI Galaverse is a gaming ecosystem where blockchain technology is applied to the game along with Free to Play and Play to Earn.