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Part 1. Introduction from the guest

Vivian — CMO of GAR:

Hi guys, I’m Vivian, CMO of ABI Game Studio’s Galaxy Attack Revolution (GAR) project. I have 15 years of experience in the marketing field of many economic and financial corporations and have directly worked as an advisor for many successful crypto projects.

Our project is supported by 150 high-quality employees of ABI Game Studio in many fields: game, blockchain, marketing, and so on.

About ABI Game Studio, I believe most of you have once played games of ABI before because we have released more than 100 games with more than 100 million downloads, including Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, Stickman Adventure and Red Impotar

Total downloads of ABI achieves more than 10 billion downloads and 10 million users active everyday. ABI is the greatest studio of OneSoft and on top 20 of the biggest game publishers in the world (due to Sensor Tower). ABI’s games frequently reach top 1 in American game market and many other markets in many weeks.

Part 2. 5 questions from Coin123


  1. Would you like to briefly introduce GAR to everyone joining in the AMA?

Vivian — CMO of GAR :

GAR is inspired by “Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter” which was developed by ABI Games Studio with more than 150 million downloads and 2 million daily active users.

With the launch of GAR, game lovers are now not only “passing levels”, “killing bosses” and earning badges, but they can earn ABI tokens, GAR tokens and rare NFTs. These can bring them practical benefits.

For investors, GAR is a golden investment opportunity because it’s not just a standalone game but the beginning of the ABI Ecosystem with hundreds of amazing games.


2. GameFi is growing day by day, and there are more and more projects launched everyday. Therefore, what is the Unique Selling Point that GAR is confident and proud of? How to deal with the dump of the market like a week ago.

Vivian — CMO of GAR :

GAR in particular and ABI Ecosystem in general is a methodical and long-term plan of ABI Studio.

Looking at the history, reputation and prestige of ABI, every gamer and investor can fully believe in the sustainable and explosive development in the future of the project.

With nearly 10 years of experience in gaming, especially the ability to meet the player’s demands and always create breakthroughs, excitement and newness for players,. ABI is confident that the upcoming product of the company will be attractive to both gamers and investors, even beyond everyone’s expectations.

In terms of the dump of the market, I believe that is a reasonable adjustment because of the insurance improvement of the crypto market. If the market only keeps growing, it will create an economic bubble and it can explode anytime. Therefore, this adjustment is necessary and inevitable.

To sum up, based on the spirit of preparing for everything, ABI has many back up plans to deal with thousands of hard situations like that.


3. The problem of current P2E games is the mechanism to balance the ecosystem in the game, as well as the project’s tokens to avoid inflation but still maintain the attractiveness to the players. Could you run through the mechanism, application and operation of the token in the game?

Vivian — CMO of GAR :

This may be a problem to other game publishers, but it’s ABI’s strong point.

Over the past 10 years, ABI has been successful in ensuring the balance to maintain and enhance the attractiveness of the game. ABI has many loyal gamers whose time on the game is the same as ABI’s age.

As an experienced game publisher along with the flexibility in applying new technology in this game, we have built the operating mechanism of tokens, NFT and other in-game items.

However, this is a very detailed plan that cannot be shared in just a few lines or a few minutes.


4. One of the decisive factors to evaluate the success of a project is the community. From my observation, your social media community has attracted not too many members. I wonder if the project is still in the promoting phase or not. And in the future, which direction will the quality of the community be developed?

Vivian — CMO of GAR :

The GAR community itself is still small because this is a brand-new project.

But GAR is not alone because it is supported by billions of users of ABI Studio and many other partners.

Currently, the project is in the beginning phase. The entire staff is all focusing on perfecting the game, so that as soon as the project is officially announced, gamers can experience it.

This is different from many other projects as gamers and investors normally have to wait a long time to experience the game after investing.

After the official launch of the game, marketing strategies and activities will be carried out with a higher frequency because ABI wants customers, including gamers and investors, to approach the project with actual products.


5. Can you share more information about the roadmap and timeline of the GAR project?

Vivian — CMO of GAR:

As mentioned above, GAR is the kick-start of the ABI Ecosystem, not just a single project. After Galaxy Attack Revolution is released in 2022, we plan to release 2–3 more games to steadily improve the ecosystem.

ABI is a professional and competent game publisher with over ten years of experience, so the ABI ecosystem can be realized with hundreds of NFT games.

Part 3. 5 questions from Coin123’s community

Vivian — CMO of GAR:

WOW!! I am so amazed with the active of the community here, with this amount of questions, I could nearly need 3 days to finish.

The first question that I wanna to mention was from Daniel Henney:” What is the main reason to invest in your projects while there are still such a huge amount of NFT projects out there?”

First and foremost, Galaxy Attack Revolution was built and supported by ABI Game Studio — one of the top 20 studio game in the world.

Second one, Galaxy Attack Revolution was inspired by GAAS — a gaming production gained so many success in 7 consecutive years with more than 150 million downloads, and 2 million daily acive users.

Finally, Galaxy Attack Revolution is not only a basic game but it is one of the beginning in the whole ABI Ecosystem.

The second question was from Harley Pham asking about Audit.

ABI Game Studio are now collaborate with Verichains — one of the 5 prestige company about audit. Verichains will support and supply the audit and security to our project.

The third question from Schweitzer: “What is your biggest milestone or in the future, will you plan to achive any kind of success like that?”

Our biggest aim at the moment is about to finish the whole game so we can bring our product to users around the world so we are now doing our best to achive.

Lanita Breaux with the fourth question: “Have you ever concern about other game’s technologi which can surpass your project?”

No, haha, even when we finish this project in the gameplay, features… we still stick to it, I mean we will still develop and upgrade this project by our best.

Rinehart WILL NOT DM FOR FUNDS ask the last question: “How could we buy your token and how many ways to join the public sale?”

For sure, we will announce to the public pretty soon so keep watching for us.

Thanks all of you guys for enjoying the AMA tonight, for more information you can find us here.

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