ABI Galaverse
2 min readJan 19, 2022

Let’s find out more interesting things about ABI Galaverse!

Question 1: What is the total supply of ABI token?
A: The total supply of ABI token is

Question 2: ABI Token and GAR Token — What are the differences?

A: ABI Token is the main token of ABI Galaverse Ecosystem. Users would receive ABI Token rewards by staking ABI Galaverse and participating in a variety of ecosystem games and tasks, for example achieving seasonal ranking goal, spaceship auction and rent fee.

GAR token is used in Galaxy Attack Revolution and has no limit on the number of tokens. Players could receive GAR Token when they achieve any progress in game, for example complete daily quest, participate in a tournament, event and win a PvP match.

Question 3: What genre of game is GAR? Is it easy to play?

A: GAR is an arcade game with simple gameplay. It is created for users of all ages. All you have to do is to control your ships and defeat the evils.

Question 4: Who will conduct blockchain audit for this project?

A: Verichains is ABI Galaverse’s blockchain audit partner. Verichains is one of the 5 prestigious security and blockchain services suppliers over the world. So, there is no doubt that the collaboration between the ABI Galaverse and Verichains could be a promising beginning of the new ecosystem.

Question 5: Who is the project’s DEV team?

A: This project is developed by ABI Game Studio which is one of the top game publishers all around the world. ABI Galaverse is supported by more than 150 staff of ABI Game Studio with creativity, innovation and many years of experience in gaming industry.

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ABI Galaverse

ABI Galaverse is a gaming ecosystem where blockchain technology is applied to the game along with Free to Play and Play to Earn.