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Q1: How many ships are there in GAR in total?

A: There are 10 types of ships, each with 1 attribute comes with 5 parts, each part will have 1 type of stat graded according to Levels from F to SS. Ship parts are designed to give different ratings and are graded from low to high. These ships have different elements including: Ice, Fire, Acid, Electro, Dark and Light. These elements cancel each other out.

Q2: What is the rarest spaceship?

A: Legendary is the rarest spaceship. This is the last spaceship which was created to end the war. Including two high-intensity laser muzzles and a main gun that fires multiple salvoes at once, plus the ability to create a defensive shield, Legendary had done its mission — to end the war. Not many people know that this ship has not been used to the fullest. And that’s still a secret

Q3: How to upgrade your ship?

When you reach the higher level stage, you will face stronger enemies. Hence, upgrading your spaceship is highly recommended.

Throughout your gaming experience, you can earn upgrading materials like GAR Token, along with various equipment and items.

The stronger your ship is, the more valuable it will be in the auction mode

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