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2 min readFeb 25, 2022

Welcome back to get to know ABI Galaverse series, this fifth episode will give you lot of information about GAR

Can you tell us more about the tokens of ABI Galaverse?

For the ABI Token:

Decentralization is the keyword here. ABI Galaverse uses a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) enabled through the $ABI governance token.

$ABI develops synergy between the community and the team and allows a community-driven model for decision making.

Each token represents a voice that can be expressed through votes on the future decisions of the platform. In short, a decentralized board of directors is created for this project, and you can become part of it.

Actually, in the very first phase, ABI Token will be used in acquiring the Blind Box and Earning via Economy Features inside Galaxy Attack Revolution

For the GAR token:

It will be earned via:

  • Reward seasonal rank
  • Go the the campaign
  • Join the Big Tournament
  • Join the special event

And GAR can be used to:

  • upgrade your NFTs

What are unique play modes & features in GAR?

  • Campaign Mode: A mode allows players to experience GAR story through many stages. The higher stage you get in, the tougher enemies you have to face.
  • Idle Mode: Autoplay mode that does not need players to take the initiative. The higher level your ships go in Campaign Mode, the more tokens you can get, and it also depends on the rarity and power of your ship.
  • PvP Mode: Players will directly compete with others to win the prize and promote their season rank!
  • Tournament mode: In a very limited time, players versus another player (top ranking) to win the biggest prize per week or per month!

More information about ABI Galaverse NFTs?

Inside our game there are 2 main types of NFTs:

The first one is Ship — the main product you need to order and use for playing! Ships can be acquired by ABI Token for Mystery Box, ABI Token trade on the marketplace. And if you don’t like your current ship, you can Fusion and get the better one.

Other NFTs are weapon facilities and some part pieces for your ship. You can get them by using GAR token to acquire or trading on Marketplace with ABI Token.

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ABI Galaverse

ABI Galaverse is a gaming ecosystem where blockchain technology is applied to the game along with Free to Play and Play to Earn.