ABI Galaverse
1 min readDec 1, 2021


ABI Onesoft will soon launch the first NFT arcade game. There are 5 ways to gain tokens by playing on Galaxy Attack Revolution.

Competing in PVP battles to win betting prizes.

You can challenge other players or choose players at random to play with on the Galaxy Attack Revolution system. If you win, you will receive tokens.

Participating in tournaments to earn prizes.

Tournaments are held during the day within specific timeframe. Jump into the daily, limited-time, limited-player battle for instant rewards.

Fabricating spaceships and selling them on marketplace.

After fabricating a spaceship from 2 other spaceships, you can sell it on the marketplace to get tokens.

Collecting and speculating on rare NFT such as Mystics and Legendary.

Mystics and Legendary are the two rarest spaceships. If you can get it, you will take a lot of tokens.

Yield farming or staking existing NFT Token to earn rewards.

You can freely choose farming pools with high APY to earn extra tokens! You can also utilize your spaceship to farm tokens as they will increase the reward from farming.

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ABI Galaverse

ABI Galaverse is a gaming ecosystem where blockchain technology is applied to the game along with Free to Play and Play to Earn.