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3 min readDec 20, 2021

GAR Airdrop is released, welcome GAR lovers to partake in our amazing event.

We aim to make the process easy for users, you can meet our requirements in only 2 steps.

Follow our step by step introduction below:

1. Access to GAR Airdrop link:


2. Fulfil all the requirements/ Complete all the tasks

Requirement 1: Submit Metamask Wallet address

Requirement 2: Join Telegram GAR Official: Global

  • Click GAR Official: Global to Join
  • Back to Gleam and insert your information

Requirement 3: Subscribe Telegram GAR Official: Announcement

  • Subscribe to our Telegram GAR Official: Announcement by clicking on the button GAR Official: Announcement.

Requirement 4: Follow Galaxy Attack Revolution Twitter:

  • Choose “Follow” if you already have logged in to your Twitter account on the Browser and submit your user’s ID
  • Choose “Connect Your Twitter Account”, Access your Twitter account then follow us to get the points

Requirement 5: Like Galaxy Attack Rev Facebook Fanpage

You can visit our Galaxy Attack Rev Facebook immediately by choosing the line “Like Galaxy Attack Rev Facebook Fanpage. Clicking like our page to get the points.

Requirement 6: Visit Galaxy Attack: Revolution Website:

  • Click on “Visit Galaxy Attack: Revolution Website” and fill the blank to fulfill the requirement

Note: You must complete the first 6 requirements in order to unlock the rest requirements.

Requirement 7: Comment something good about the project on Telegram GAR Official: Announcement

  • Click “Click here” to link to our telegram group
  • Back to the Airdrop checkpoint click on the continue button

Requirement 8: Join Galaxy Attack Revolution on Discord:

Click “Join” button to join our discord channel, then click Continue to confirm fulfill the quest.

Requirement 9: Subscribe Galaxy Attack: Revolution Channel on Youtube:

Click “Visit” button to visit our Youtube channel, then click Continue to confirm the fulfillment of the quest.

Requirement 10: Invite friends (Unlimited invitations)

Copy the link on the box, and share it with your friends. You will receive points for anyone entering via the link.

Fulfill all of our requirements to have more chances to win the slot. Thank you for joining us and good luck!



ABI Galaverse

ABI Galaverse is a gaming ecosystem where blockchain technology is applied to the game along with Free to Play and Play to Earn.