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MC: Welcome everyone to the AMA live between Hub Global and ABI Galaverse. Stay still and the event will begin in 2 minutes.

MC: Welcome to the AMA live, I am Long from Hub Global. Today, it is my honor to host this Ask Me Anything event with ABI Galaverse. Firstly, I want to introduce Hub Global, which is one famous and legit blockchain investment fund. Hub Global was founded by many Blockchain experts, whose vision is to support start-ups who have potential to become the next unicorn in the world. And now it is our honor to have a special guest from ABI Galaverse, Mr. Chinh Do — CEO of ABI Galaverse project.

Mr. Chinh Do: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It is all thanks to you Hub Global to hold this event today. I hope everyone can enjoy tonight’s show utterly.

Question 1:

MC: Can you introduce a little bit about yourself and ABI Galaverse?

Mr. Chinh Do: It is my pleasure to have my graduation as potential engineer class of Hanoi University of Science and Technology. And after my graduation I had also completed a study abroad program. Finally, I decided to come back to Vietnam to build my career and experience. I had 12 years experience in the technology industry with many titles of jobs, including 8 years working in the software development field, and 4 years working in producing games. About ABI Galaverse, I have to confess that ABI Game Studio has more than ten years of experience in traditional game development. We already have a huge impact in both the global and local market. At the moment, we want to make a move to improve our brand further. Luckily, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are now at its booming era. Therefore, ABI Galaverse wants to take this opportunity to be the leader of this trend.

Question 2:

MC: Can you describe your journey from idea paper to present ABI Galaverse?

Mr. Chinh Do: When the idea was proposed in the meeting in early 2021, many members agreed with the ABI Galaverse project. Then the CEO of ABI Game Studio decided to kick off the project. ABI Galaverse aims at three important parts, which are GameFi, DeFi and decentralize. ABI Galaverse is a gaming ecosystem where blockchain technology is applied to the game along with Free to Play and Play to Earn. Unlike many other NFT games, ABI platform is where NFT and Defi meet together. We focus on building the ecosystem that many games can grow together.

MC: Thank you for your very detailed introduction. Moving on to the next part, I want to summarize that our event has two parts, the first one is about the answer of community questions, and the second is answering the live questions of viewers. Moreover, we have a $20 reward for each chosen question owner.

Part 2: Community Question

Question 1: Why does ABI want to build an NFT ecosystem before landing an NFT Game?

Mr. Chinh Do: Firstly, our project is a long-term project with careful plans. ABI Galaverse is not only a platform about our NFT games, but also about other NFT game publishers to have our support.

Question 2: Which specialty is ABI Galaverse proud of?

Mr. Chinh Do: ABI Game Studio has more than ten years of experience. Our employees are both dynamic and experienced in their field. Our very successful game is Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter. It helped ABI Game Studio to achieve many top titles on App Store and Google Play. Galaxy Attack Revolution (GAR) is the first NFTs game in the ABI Galaverse ecosystem. GAR is inspired by Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter which was published by ABI Game Studio with more than 150 million global downloads and 2 million daily active users.

Question 3: How can we play beta test and how can we report about the bugs that we found?

Mr. Chinh Do: About the beta test, at the moment we have already released the test for our testers. At least, two weeks after this we will release the alpha test for everyone who wants to try our game. And just a month after, the beta test will be released for everyone. For all the problems and bugs that you found out, you can report directly to me or our social media communities.

Question 4: Currently the market is downtrend, will this affect the development of the project or not?

Mr. Chinh Do: Our platform has been constructed with long-term orientation. So whether the market is downtrend or uptrend does not affect ABI Galaverse. ABI Galaverse believes that our value to investors and gamers is worth it.

Question 5: Is ABI Galaverse suitable for less-pay or non-pay players but still want to experience your game?

Our ambition is to combine between free-to-play and play-to-earn. Therefore, with zero cost you can experience our games. About the quality of our game, we have already proof that we achieve much success in the traditional game field.



ABI Galaverse

ABI Galaverse is a gaming ecosystem where blockchain technology is applied to the game along with Free to Play and Play to Earn.