[REFERRAL AIRDROP] Chance to get 3000$ABI! Total rewards are up to 100,000$ABI

ABI Galaverse
2 min readMar 12, 2022

“Tell others, get bigger” — Share with your many friends to join the ABI Galaverse Airdrop for a chance to win 3000 ABI Tokens. Are you ready to race to the top with ABI Galaverse?

- Time: 12th — 26th Mar 2022 (UTC)
- Total rewards: 100.000 $ABI
- Total winners: 2500 winners

TOP 3 with the highest Ref Points will receive special rewards
⚡️Top 1: 3000 $ABI
⚡️Top 2: 2000 $ABI
⚡️Top 3: 1000 $ABI

⚡️Top 4–10 referral: 500 $ABI/each
⚡️Top 11- 50 referral: 300 $ABI/each
⚡️Top 51–100 referral: 90 $ABI/each
⚡️Top 101–500 referrals: 60 $ABI/each
⚡️Top 501–1000 referrals: 40 $ABI/each
🍀1500 lucky winners: 20 $ABI/each
*Each winner can only receive the reward once according to the highest milestone achieved

Complete the simple steps below to get $ABI
- Step 1: Start a discussion with https://s.abigalaverse.io/Airdrop/ABI on Telegram to join our Airdrop
- Step 2: Join our Telegram channel and group
- Step 3: Follow ABI Galaverse Twitter and retweet our pin post.
- Step 4: Join Discord
- Step 5: Submit your BSC BEP-20 wallet address
- Step 6: Invite your friends to join this event via your Ref Link
After completing the 5 steps listed above, you will be given a Referral Link. Share with your friends to earn more and more points.

- Complete all the required steps first
- Submit your BSC BEP-20 wallet address. Each wallet address can be entered ONCE only.
- Invite your friends with a referral link to get more points. Each user has a unique link. When the invitee completes the required steps, the inviter gets 1 point. The more friends you invite, the more points you get.



ABI Galaverse

ABI Galaverse is a gaming ecosystem where blockchain technology is applied to the game along with Free to Play and Play to Earn.