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ABI Galaverse and SmartOSC signed a strategic cooperation agreement, combining the strengths of the two sides in the common vision and goal of building a sustainable Blockchain game ecosystem and supporting the development of Web3 and many other trends in the future.

ABI Galaverse and SmartOSC held the signing ceremony of a strategic cooperation agreement in Hanoi. It was an honor to have the presence of Mr. Hung Tran — Founder, CEO of ABI Game Studio (comprehensively support ABI Galaverse), Mr. Chinh Do — CEO of ABI Galaverse, Mr. Hieu Nguyen — Co-Founder, Chairman of SmartOSC, Ms. Hanh Le — Deputy CEO SmartOSC and representatives of both sides.

This is an important milestone marking the cooperation between ABI Galaverse and SmartOSC. ABI Galaverse is an “all-in-one” blockchain game platform that is fully supported by ABI Game Studio — a Top 20 Game company worldwide. While SmartOSC is a well-known technology company in the field of e-commerce with a strong presence in the UK, Japan, Australia, and Vietnam. The combination between the two companies is expected to offer an opportunity to promote the completion of each other faster and stronger in blockchain.

Mr. Chinh Do — CEO of ABI Galaverse and Ms. Hanh Le — Deputy CEO of SmartOSC signed the strategic cooperation agreement

Mr. Chinh Do — CEO of ABI Galaverse stated that ABI Galaverse is building a platform that investors, gamers, or simply a random person who wants to learn about blockchain can access and use. ABI Galaverse’s development perspective is sustainability with long-term goals of community and tokenomic, to create a stable ecosystem.

SmartOSC representative in the signing ceremony, Ms. Hanh Le said: “In 2030, it is predicted that the number of phones will be more than the number of toilets, the number of cryptocurrencies will be more than the number of countries in the world, and the metaverse market will reach $947 billion in revenue. We are living in the age of rewriting web history and so much more. I feel very proud and excited to be part of this era. I believe many of you here have caught up with the trend 4–5 years ago. In particular, SmartOSC within the last year has seriously prepared. We have developed Dapp, Smart Contract, NFT, and marketplace. I really hope this combination will come to fruition, not only in the game segment, but we will have other combinations in the future”.

By using high-quality, passionate and persistent personnel, the two sides expect the cooperation to open up new successes.

At the signing ceremony, leaders of the two sides shared their experiences as young startups growing up with different paths, but both used talented, passionate, and persistent personnel to go to success.

In terms of the blockchain field, ABI Galaverse and SmartOSC both see the resemblance, including building a Blockchain platform with the initial goal of gaming. However, we will strongly develop this ecosystem to apply to a wide range of other technology applications. In there, the user community participates in this ecosystem to play, experience, and do the things they love and stick with it, not because of the temporary FOMO. ABI Galaverse and SmartOSC will work hard to reap sustainable successes, regardless of the erratic changes in the market.

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ABI Galaverse

ABI Galaverse is a gaming ecosystem where blockchain technology is applied to the game along with Free to Play and Play to Earn.