Verichans Will Execute Blockchain Audits For The First NFTs Project of ABI Galaverse

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ABI Galaverse — a platform for Blockchain games which is supported by ABI Game Studio, selected Verichains as a Blockchain audit partner for the whole smart contract development and backend security.
ABI Galaverse is designed to become the leading platform supporting GameFi, and Verichains executed audits for more than 40 projects with success. These are the important highlights, ahead of GAR; IDO event in 2022.

Serious Investment in ABI Galaverse

ABI Galaverse is expected to kick off the blockchain gaming era with hundreds of popular games linked with ABI tokens. In the ABI Galaverse, players not only play passively, but also play a major part in the development of the game by playing for fun and enjoying the valuable rewards of tokens and NFTs.

GAR will complete the beta test phase in 2022, followed by the Dex Listing, launching features that allow NFTs assets to transfer in the Cross Chain, launching ABI Wallet and then officially releasing the game in 2022. ABI Galaverse and GAR are supported by more
than 130 staff of ABI Game Studio, while Verichains will participate in the review process to ensure the development of ABI Galaverse ecosystem.

ABI Galaverse selected Verichains as a Blockchain audit partner

According to the representative of ABI Galaverse — The wave of NFTs games is happening very strongly and ABI Game Studio will not sit on the sideline. Currently, there are many strong units in games and Blockchains in the world who want to discuss with ABI Game Studio to jointly develop promising games with great success in the future.

Why Verichains?

Auditing Blockchain/NFTs projects is a continuous, laborious and expensive process. ABI Galaverse selected Verichains as an audit partner, showing a clear and methodical investment strategy, and a long-term commitment of the developer in making the ABI Galaverse a hit in the NFTs game market.

Verichains is an excellent choice for security and Blockchain services such as Smart Contract and Blockchain Security Audit, Hardware and Software Security Assessment, Identity Verification, and Application Protection. Verichains has collaborated with over 40 organizations/projects related to NFTs, DEX, Wallet Defi, Network and Protocol on ETH, BSC, MATIC, HECO, AMBROS platforms, including Sky Mavis’ Ronin Wallet, Kyber Network, Tomochain and Thetan Arena.

Mr. Do Chinh — CTO of ABI Game Studio, and CEO of ABI Galaverse said: “Verichains is one of the leading companies in security and Blockchain, who is absolutely the perfect choice for being a partner with ABI Galaverse in long-term cooperation. Other than Verichains, we are also collaborating with other Blockchain audit firms to increase the security of projects.”

Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa — CTO of Verichains stated: “With a team full of enthusiasm and experiences in the field of security, Verichains wishes to be able to contribute and accompany Vietnam’s Blockchain projects in general and of ABI Game Studio in particular to help the projects stay safe from security attacks, contribute to promoting the success and mark Vietnam in this potential new field.”

The members of Verichains such as Co-founder Thanh Nguyen, Nguyen Anh Quynh and Kaijern Lau are experts in the areas of strategic analysis, business development related to Blockchains, and have contributed to many discussions on security and smart contracts at global forums such as HitbSecConf 2021, BlackHat Asia, BlackHat USA and VXCON.

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